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Holiday Wish episode on Joy

JOY is the holiday wish I want to share with you. 

We need more Joy! 

JOY is more than happiness, it goes beyond just being happy,
it’s an inner feeling.

Joy can feel like it’s deep and you feel it in your whole body or
in the depths of your soul, and it feels like it’s never going to
end, and the best part of that is that you could even have a
joyful expression on your face.

Wouldn’t that be so cool if you could always have a joyful expression!

Joy can fill your whole being when you’re in a state of gratitude and being thankful for ALL that you are, all that you have, all
that you are able to do, and more.

Joy comes to you so powerfully when you serve!

The kind of service I’m talking about is like how Jesus Christ service people when He lived on earth.

True Joy comes when you serve people and forget about
yourself.  It does NOT include serving someone where money
is involved like a business.

Examples of serving and service are when you check on your neighbor or a family member-do they need help?  Can you
bring a warm meal to someone?  What about bringing a plate
of cookies to someone who you know lives alone and is lonely?

The only way true joy is constant and will stay with you is when you forget about yourself and serve those around you!

Joy is like love, they go together.  I believe that Joy is in the
same realm as love, it’s almost like those two words are the
same, and they’re synonymous with each other.

Joy almost makes you feel all squishy inside.

With Joy, it’s easier to overcome the really hard things in your
life, and it can help you to feel like you can make it through the trials or stress in your life.

Joy has a way of making you want to do good in your life. 
When you experience Joy, it literally changes you.

You have worth and value.

My holiday wish for you is to have Joy, and when you do have
joy, share it with people. 

Talk to people about this episode and share it with them. 

Happy Holidays!



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